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founded in 1973 by Michael B. Herlands, has specialized in a variety of diversified projects. In each of our projects, we have endeavored to provide environments that raise the spirit and quality of life for each of its users.

• Healthcare:

800 Healthcare projects that consist of Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Medical Offices, Residential Projects of Multi-Family and Active Adults, Assisted Living and Rehabilitation Services.

• Light Industrial / Research & Development:

50 projects and approximately 3,500,000 square feet of Research and Development, Light Manufacturing, Assembly, Distribution Warehousing and Corporate Offices related to these facilities.

• Interior Design / Corporate Offices:

Over 100 projects which include Corporate Offices, Medical Offices, Nursing Homes and Hospitals.

Our firm is dedicated to the success of each project placed in our charge.  The principals are totally involved in each phase of the project’s development.  This “hands-on” approach offers a continuity and successful transition for each phase of documentation and construction while providing the client with the “First Team” throughout the project’s duration.  We have built our reputation on being responsive to our client’s needs and take pride in the fact that our design solutions are aesthetically pleasing, functional and cost effective.


At MBH ARCHITECTURE, we are constantly striving to achieve the delicate balance that exists between satisfying our client’s functional needs, and creating aesthetic environments that elevate the human spirit and stimulate the accomplishments of their users.

 It is within this context that we have come together as a blend of enthusiastic, dedicated and skilled professionals eager to earn the confidence and respect of each and every client that we serve.  This is evident in the fact that the largest body of our work is with repeat clients.  Our ability to listen and interpret our client’s needs, is a fundamental part of our operating philosophy.

 We encourage a team approach to the challenges of architecture and interior design where the client, the chosen consultants, and the contractor combine with our staff members at MBH ARCHITECTURE, in a common effort to satisfy the needs, the hopes and aspirations of all of those involved.

Team Members

NPM BW - 2014
Nicholas P. Michnevitz - III
ALR BW - 2014
Agustina Lasala-Ruffo
Senior Associate
CF BW - 2014
Carmelo Ferla
Senior Associate
EB BW - 2014
Eric Bell
Senior Associate
MC BW - 2018
Michael Carafeno
MBH BW- 2014-2
Michael Herlands
Founder (Retired)
NA BW - 2021-2
Nabila Ahmed
MB BW- 2020
Michael Bernal
JB BW- 2016
Joshua Burdick
TC BW - 2019
Traci Conway
KC BW- 2014
Kimberly A. Courchesne
Senior Interior Designer
LS BW - 2021
Lindsey Einarsen
BF BW - 2019
Brandon Froehlich
CH BW- 2021
Chris Heppner
JVH BW - 2021
Jim Von Hoorn
AK BW - 2018
Algis J. Kalvaitis
RM BW - 2016
Ramon E. Montero
MN BW - 2014
Mike Nestor
MS BW - 2021-2
Michele Sawko
PS BW- 2021
Patrick Shouldice
NT BW- 2018
Nicole Torres
NW BW - 2021
Nicholas R. Walter
EW BW - 2016
Elaine Wolf
EWO BW- 2016
Erin Wood
SW BW- 2018
Shannon A. Zwick

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