The need for this 50,000 GSF 4-Story plus Ground Addition to Hartford Hospital’s existing 13-Story Bliss Building originates from the request to expand their medical services provided at each of the connecting Bliss floors, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and patient and family friendly design. The Ground Level not only takes care of housing all the main mechanical, electrical and plumbing service rooms in support of the upper floors, but also renders an attractive covered patio with a simulated wood plank ceiling and friendly outdoor seating, all immediately adjacent to the existing Cafeteria. Floors First thru Fourth are dedicated to tertiary and quaternary levels of medicine supporting the fields of neurology, neuro-intensive care, cardiac intensive care, cardio-thoracic surgeries and advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The First Floor holds (3) new MRI’s with a 3T being the strongest of the three magnets. This is the only floor that expects to welcome both inpatient and outpatient visitors. The Second Floor expands perioperative services through a spacious 10-Bay Pre/ Post Recovery Suite, but also affords a 6-Bed Critical Care Unit where each patient room has been designed with individual toilet rooms. The Third Floor is a complete 12-Bed Critical Care Unit, where again, each is designed with individual toilet rooms, and also with the opportunity for an extra overnight space for family members in two of these patient rooms. The Second and Third Floors expect to mainly treat patients recovering from heart and neuro procedures, allowing the Fourth Floor’s expanded Operating Rooms quick and convenient access to them. The Fourth Floor counts with (5) OR’s that have been designed with the newest and most innovative of technologies to best enhance the level of highly acute cases expected to take place within them: Functioning Neurology, Hybrid, Endovascular and Cardiovascular. In order to accommodate for all of these needs, (3) have been designed as Hybrid OR Rooms, and (2) as OR Rooms. Finally, to further enhance the existing inpatient views from all adjoining fifth and above floors, the roof of this addition has been treated with white rubber roofing membrane, 30% sedum tray coverage and only minor mechanical appurtenances.

Timelapse video was provided by FIP Construction

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