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Holistic Design | MBH Architecture

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Sacred GeometrySacred Geometry
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Medical Office Building -  Hartford Healthcare - Cancer Center lobbyMedical Office Building -  Hartford Healthcare - Cancer Center lobby
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Holistic Design

Architectural design, when employed as a means of embodying Holistic principles, can provide healing environments that directly relate to our human body structure. Holistic Architecture is primarily associated with treating the whole person through the built environment. It promotes preventative medicine by maintaining the health of all aspects of the self—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Buildings have a profound influence on our health, physiological, and energetic state of being. Harmony and balance, light and color, relationship to our surroundings, and green materials are all contributing elements of the built environment that aspire to be positive rather than negative. By creating an atmosphere around us that is supportive to both our inner and outer senses, we can enhance rather than alienate our earthly links with nature.

Holistic Architecture embraces the multi-faceted complexities of the built environment through sustainability, green design, ecologically-positive materials, and alternative modalities. Nature follows certain rhythms and principals. Nature expresses itself in a language of shapes, harmonic ratios and geometric patterns of positive energy.

Incorporating these principles into a healthcare environment allows a full circle approach to our genetic makeup. It makes sense that if our buildings are to support healing then they should have these principals as generative design paths. Everything in the Universe follows these geometric principals. These principals can generate a foundation for building composition. Imagine the building designed in such a way that the geometry is in proportion to the healing energies of our human body!