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Educational Building Architecture | MBH Architecture

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Science & Technology / Higher Education / Light Industrial

MBH ARCHITECTURE’s core experience was rooted in the development of Manufacturing, Assembly, Clean Rooms and Distribution in Light Industrial facilities. We have expanded that horizon to incorporate Science & Technology and Higher Education Laboratories into our repertoire of Research & Development facilities.

Since our firm was founded in 1973, we have designed more than three (3) million square feet of such structures. We are proudly participating in the development of the new Innovation Technology Park for the University of Connecticut which involves every aspect of Science & Technology.

Our experience has taught us that the most successful projects are usually the result of more aggressive programming efforts and the consideration of pedestrian and product traffic patterns throughout its facility. We believe it is the essence of a more efficient design solution and cost effective operation.

From highly specified laboratories and clean rooms to innovative and inspiring space, our firm is prepared to support our client’s needs and to deliver the next generation of buildings.