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Rehabilitation Center Architecture | MBH Architecture


Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation

MBH ARCHITECTURE has been a leader in creative design solutions for Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation facilities for more than twenty-five (25) years. Having designed more than 130 projects with over 6,000 beds, we have become one of the most experienced and innovative architects in this genre. Many of our projects were unique and addressed the need for a different direction in the care for the elderly. They were driven by selective programming directions and the desire to provide environments that de-emphasize institutional care and encouraged a residential community whenever possible.

The Alzheimer’s Resource Center was one such project. This facility was the first Nursing Home in Connecticut that was designed and dedicated solely for residents with memory care loss issues. This unique facility created a Holistic Design Concept that eliminated dead end corridors and brought in an abundance of natural light into each nursing unit.